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  • I was so afraid this would be to big or to short to wear with leggings but it is Perfect. I am 5'8 160lbs with a little bit of a belly and this tunic length top hides any imperfections and is just the perfect length to wear with white leggings which is what I had envisioned this outfit to be if it worked out. I am so glad I took the risk and purchased it. Perfect, I am sure I will get alot of compliments! I might even add some rhinestone bling to it. Whats even better is you dont HAVE to wear a bra with it if you dont want to since the floral print hides any evidence.
  • Couleur:WHITE Taille:XXXL
  • Poids:0.00Lbs Qualité de Taille:Fidèle à la Taille


  • Fits perfectly! Soft and comfy and looked cute
  • Couleur:WHITE Taille:XXL
  • Poids:0.00Lbs Qualité de Taille:Fidèle à la Taille

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